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Every business is different, so we build different suites of tools for each.
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Enabling Ordering Directly From Social Media

Using RestHero, Startups and Businesses will be able to sell directly through social media platforms, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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Get your E-Shop in seconds

Seamless on boarding process to get your shop up and running online.

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Delivery Partners

Don’t have your own drivers, but don’t want to settle for a commission-based aggregator? RestHero offer you a hassle-free integrations with market-leading delivery partners. A real One Click To Deliver integration, Hassle Free !

Get your delivery sorted through the right partners Own back over 32% + 9 AED of commission

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Sell Again

You should be in control of your customers Data. When your customers places an order, you can reengage with them automatically and encourage them to order again by providing them targeted marketing, discounts and tailored offers

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WhatsApp Marketing

Reengage with your customers through WhatsApp based on targeted analysis of their purchase history and preferences.

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Email Marketing

Re-engage your customers based on targeted analysis of their purchase history and preferences. with automatic email reminders or send out an SMS blast via your Dashboard. We are partnering with MailChimp and Global SMS and other global leaders in the field.

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Data Driven Business Process & Marketing

Providing unified solution which delivers an interactive customer experience and empowers businesses to grow their returns through social media and Data driven tools.

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Real Hassle Free Integrations and Partnerships

All you got to do is choose your preferred service provider and leave the complicated work on us

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